Since 1900 Untill Today

From The Good Old Times

A family tradition

A Betega

A Betega,
Our Corner In Piazza Castello

We have chosen this name because in the local dialect it means little shop, just like the ones that were in the village in the past. We want to re-create that atmosphere of friendship, closeness and familiarity that were the basis of the trade in all the little villages. At the top of the town in an enviable position you will find our little store, which was once a garage, overlooking the sea and the famous rock “il Porteghetto”, and behind a beautiful garden is creating a lovely frame.

The furniture is simple but we choose to make the interior design with the tools and pictures of our forefathers, and the bottles of taggiasca extra virgin olive oil are filling the space. You will also find some jars of typical products, as well as a small selection of the best local wines, and some beauty products on olive oil basis. By entering the shop you will be welcomed by the seasonal scent and colors that will remain in your memory.