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Our Roots


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Our Roots

Our company is young, born in 2012, but the roots are at the beginning of 1900, when our great-grand father, Elena Vincenzo, inherited, up on the hills of Cervo, the taggiasca olive tree grove, from which we obtain our oil. Thanks to him, our grandmother and our father we learned to love and take care of the plants. Since we were little this family tradition determined our life rhythm as a function of the agricultural phase.

The harvest is done at the right maturity of the olives, and the rapidity with which we bring them to the mill (to preserve all the properties) ensures us a high quality olive oil.

Of course the grind is done in a traditional olive oil mill, that still uses mill stones and hydraulic presses to cold extract the oil. This productive selection donates us an extra virgin taggiasca olive must warm straw-coloured and lightly fruity flavored. Perfect to be used raw, but even to cook warm dishes like some of the traditional Mediterranean courses.

Recently we have added the production of typical seasonal fruits and vegetables, that you will find in our little shop in Piazza Castello in Cervo.